8 all beef hotdogs
8 unsliced deli rolls/hoagie buns
1 tomatoes, diced
1 yellowfins onion, chopped
2 avocado, mashed
deli mustard
This is one of my favorite Chilean street foods, it's a full meal all by itself.


1.Cook the hot dogs, preferably on a grill or in a frying pan.
2.Cut the hoagie bun down the middle to form a large hot dog bun. Put the hot dog in and add tomato, onion, sauerkraut, green onion, avocado, mayonnaise, mustard and sprinkle it with paprika.

This quickly became one of my favorite things to eat when I lived in Chile. You can get these hot dogs, called Completos, from street vendors, restaurants and cafes all over Chile. This hot dog recipe makes a giant hot dog with tons of topics. One completo is a meal all by itself. They are easy to make and easy to customize. The only toppings that I always saw in Chile were avocado, onion, tomato, mayo and mustard. I’ve had some variations with sautéed onions, fried egg or even using chicken tenders instead of hotdogs. Give this a try and then make up your own variation and let us know how it went.

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