recaito Puerto Rican sofrito
Recaito in the food processor


1 Green Bell pepper (remove stem and seeds)
1 Red Bell Pepper (remove stem and seeds)
1 head of garlic (peeled)
1 bunch of cilantro leaves
6-7 sweet peppers, any color (remove stem and seeds)
Recaito is a staple ingredient for Puerto Rican recipes. It's sweet, tangy with just a little bit of spiciness. It will instantly take your recipe to another level.


1.Roughly chop the ingredients and put in a food processor for 3 minutes or until everything is chopped evenly

Recaito, which is the Puerto Rican version of Sofrito, is a sweet aromatic relish with a little spice and an aftertaste that is amazing. When you first taste it, it feels like it’s going to be really spicy but then the tanginess and depth of flavor takes over. Right after you swallow it feels like the spice is coming back before it gives way to a fresh aftertaste.

Recaito’s flavor works great with a huge variety of dishes, including vegetables, meats and even on sandwiches. If you plan on making recipes inspired by Puerto Rico you will need some Recaito on hand to make it feel more authentic. The acids and aromatics in the peppers and garlic make it perfect as a marinade.

It’s easy to make, especially with a decent food processor but in a pinch you can use a blender. Once you make it, store it in the fridge and use a few tablespoons at a time. It should stay good in the fridge for a few weeks.

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