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Chicken and Waffles Recipe

Chicken and Waffles is a bold flavored comfort food that started in the southern United States but has gained popularity across the country. Your family and friends will love this recipe!


Baked Beans Crockpot Recipe

Baked beans are a traditional side in the USA. They add a sweet rich flavor to any meal. This recipe calls for dry beans, which take more time to make. But you can use canned beans to skip the soaking step. If you use canned beans, the cooking time can be reduced to 2-3 hours.


Potato Chowder

Potato chowder is a thick creamy soup that is perfect for a cold day for when you want a nice hearty soup. You can choose a lot of different toppings.


Authentic Chicago Pizza Recipe

Chicago pizza is well known as the best deep dish pizza in the world. This recipe takes some time but the results will blow your mind. If you have a cast iron pan or skillet I highly recommend using it. If you don't have one, don't worry, you can still make a great Chicago Style Pizza using this recipe.

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